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guests from abroad

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Swietłana Aleksijewicz

(born 1948) – a writer and journalist. She says that her own national identity is complicated (varying between Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian one), but she identifies mainly with Belarus

Gunnar Ardelius

Gunnar Ardelius (born 1981) – a Swedish writer and activist in organisations supporting readership.

Ramona Badescu

Ramona Badescu (born 1968) – a French writer of Romanian descent, who emigrated to France when she was 10 years’ old.

Lukas Bärfuss

Lukas Bärfuss (born 1971) – regarded as one of the most outstanding German dramatists of his generation. Apart from numerous plays (The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents, The Bus), he also wrote some novels.

Benjamin Chaud

Benjamin Chaud (born 1975) – a French illustrator, the author of drawings for over 60 books for children and young people, including a series of books on the adventures of the elephant Pomelo and The Bear’s Song. He lives in Die – a small town in the French Alps.

Robert Coover

Robert Coover (born 1932) – an American prose writer and an emeritus professor of the Brown University. He is regarded as the most important representative of literary postmodernism alongside Pynchon, Barth or Barthelme.

Kamel Daoud

Kamel Daoud (born 1970) – an Algerian writer and journalist; he collaborates with the French newspaper Le quotidien d’Oran. His debut novel The Meursault Investigation, in which he rewrites the plot of The Stranger by Camus from an Algerian perspective, echoed widely through the Arabian world, which pronounced a fatwa and a death sentence in absentia upon the author.

David Foenkinos

David Foenkinos (born 1974) – a French prose writer and screenplay writer; the laureate of the 16th edition of the prize “Lista Goncourtów: polski wybór” [“Goncourts’ List: Polish Choice] for his novel Charlotte.

Jonathan Franzen

Jonathan Franzen (b.1959) – an American novelist and essayist. He was born in Illinois and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He studied German philology, among others, in Munich and Berlin, finishing his studies in 1981. 

Earle Havens

Earle Havens is a curator of rare books and manuscripts, and a scholar of the history of books from the ancient world to the 18th century. He teaches at Johns Hopkins University on the history of books, libraries, and bibliophilia. He is especially interested in two areas of work in recent years: (1) the history of forgery in books, literature, and learning; and (2) the history of how people wrote into the margins of their books and recorded their reading experiences from the Renaissance to the modern era.

Edward Hirsch

Edward Hirsch (born 1950) – an American poet and literary critic known for his activity for the development and promotion of readership, with particular regard to poetry.

Katti Hoflin

She has a long career within public service TV and Radio. Primarily in programs for children and young people. She is a writer of books for children and a musician. Since 2007 she has been head of various culture centres, created innovative libraries for children and young people and in January 2014 she became City Librarian for the public library in Stockholm.

Hooman Majd

Hooman Majd (b. 1957) – an Iranian-American writer. He was born in Teheran. He is the grandson of an ayatollah and the son of a diplomat working for the government of the last Shah. He spent most of his life abroad, mostly in Great Britain and the USA, where he finished studies. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, he settled permanently in New York. His texts are published by most important American newspapers, including The New York Times, The New Yorker and Newsweek. He has written three books devoted to the most recent history of Iran: The Ayatollah Begs to Differ: The Paradox of Modern Iran (2008), The Ayatollahs' Democracy: An Iranian Challenge (2010) and The Ministry of Guidance Invites You to Not Stay: An American Family in Iran (2013). Although Majd does not agree with the political strategy of the current Iranian government, he does not focus only on its criticism in his books. He thinks that the relations between Iran and the Western world are more complicated than is commonly believed, so they require a balanced matter-of-fact analysis. Thanks to the use of a unique double perspective, Majd can look at many difficult and controversial issues from a different and much more interesting angle, explaining the phenomenon of the Iranian Revolution and presenting a genuine description of everyday life in Iran.

Petr Šabach

Petr Šabach (born 1951) – a Czech writer and comic. A graduate of cultural studies, he took up various jobs in his life: he worked as an editor, as a janitor and in a cultural centre.

Kristina Sabaliauskaitė

Kristina Sabaliauskaitė – Lithuanian writer of Polish origins with a PhD in art history. Since 2002, she lives in London. The author of the best-selling trilogy Silva rerum (2008-2014), the multigenerational saga of the Narwojsz noble family, in which she repainted the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from the 17th and 18th centuries with great warmth, contributing to the restoration of this period to the wider public consciousness.

Alvydas Šlepikas

Alvydas Šlepikas (born 1966) – a Lithuanian poet, director, actor and scriptwriter.

György Spiró

György Spiró (born 1946) – a Hungarian writer, translator and essayist. A huge connoisseur and lover of Polish culture, particularly the one from the Romanticist period. For many years, he lived in Poland, where he did research on 19th-century Polish literature.

Gonçalo M. Tavares

Gonçalo M. Tavares (born 1970) – a Portuguese writer, poet and playwright. He was born in Angola when it was a Portuguese colony.

Jan Peter Tripp

Jan Peter Tripp (born 1945) – a German painter and graphic artist. He is regarded as one of the most important representatives of German realism. He lives and works in Mittelbergheim, and his works are kept in collections of many galleries in Germany and abroad.

Margarethe von Trotta

Margarethe von Trotta (born 1942) – a German film director, actor and screenplay writer. In the 1970s, she acted in films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder (The American Soldier, Gods of the Plague).

Iryna Vikyrchak

Ukrainian poetess, translator, photographer and the executive director of the Meridian Festival of Poetic Art in Chernivtsi, which is an ambitious and unique verse promotion project.




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