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guests from abroad

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Per Olov Enquist

The author of novels, plays, film screenplays and works of journalistic and critical nature. As a playwright he has achieved success, among others, on Broadway, and Polish stagings of his play Rain Snakes (Z życia glist) have been of historic importance for the Polish theatre. He is a writer who puts a great emphasis on documents and evidence: his novels are overflowing with quotations from diaries or notes, they are hybridised to the point of madness. In this he resembles Truman Capote and Norman Mailer. The majority of Enquist’s works concern Sweden.

Etgar Keret

Israeli prose-writer of Polish roots, columnist, director. He lectures at the Higher Film School in Tel Aviv. The master of black humour and short form. The stories written by him in Hebrew enjoy great popularity in Israel and beyond its borders. He directed the film Jellyfish (2006) with Shira Geffen, for which they received an award at the Film Festival in Cannes.

Agneta Pleijel

Swedish writer, poet and playwright. She spend her childhood in Sweden and the USA. She studied philosophy, literature and anthropology. She was the president of the Swedish PEN Club. Author of the volumes: Änglar, dvärgar (1981), Ögon ur en dröm (1984), and the novels: Vindspejare (1987), Hundstjrna (1989), Fungi (1993) and En vinter i Stockholm (1997). Her Lord Nevermore (2000) was translated under the same title into Polish (2003).

Atiq Rahimi

Atiq Rahimi, winner of last year’s Goncourt Prize, an Afghan-French writer, will be the special guest of the fourth day of the Joseph Conrad International Literature Festival (from 3rd to 7th November). Apart from the meeting with the writer on Friday (6th November) it is also planned to show the film Rahimi directed on the basis of his book Earth and Ashes. On the same day a meeting devoted to the person and works of Bruno Schulz will take place with the participation of Etgar Keret, Krystian Lupa, Jerzy Pilch and Jerzy Radziwiłowicz as well as a debate about Fantastic Literature – Different Realism – with the participation of Anna Brzezińska, Jacek Dukaj and Łukasz Orbitowski.

Pascal Quignard

French musician, essayist, novelist, translator (from Latin and Chinese), author of the novel All the World’s Mornings, on which in 1991 Alain Corneau based a famous film by the same title, which was screened in over 30 countries. Winner of the Prix Goncourt in 2002 for the book Les Ombres Errantes (The Wandering Shadows). He comes from an educated family, his parents were Classical Languages professors, he has three siblings.

Jordi Savall

He began his musical education early, as a child he sang in a choir in his hometown. He then graduated from the Barcelona Conservatory of Music in 1965. He took a special liking to Early Music and taught himself to play the viola da gamba. From 1968 he continued his education at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Switzerland.

Lindsay Waters

Chief editor of the humanities department at Harvard University Press. An outstanding critic and theorist of literature, working in the deconstruction and structure of humanities studies. Among others, author of: Enemies of Promise: Publishing, Perishing, and the Eclipse of Scholarship (2004).




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