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festival cuisine

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Restauracja Aperitif
The atmosphere of an Italian street with a view of the Small Market Square, perfect both for romantic dinners and business meetings, makes it possible for the guests to rest up, relax, and satisfy their palates. A varied list of fusion cuisine dishes combined with a Polish cuisine menu, as well as a rich wine list comprising as many as 60 items enable numerous flavour and aroma combinations that the guests may relish, abandoning themselves to a little bit of luxury to the sound of French and Italian pop classics.

The Aperitif Restaurant has prepared a special festival offer for you:
5% off with the Conrad Festival passes/tickets/leaflets – lunch dishes (brunch dishes on Sundays).
10% off the rest of the dishes in the menu (regular menu).
The offer is valid between the 21st and the 27th of October (inclusive)

Bal is a place long-awaited by those frequenting the Zabłocie district, where you may have a delicious breakfast and go through the daily newspapers, sipping great coffee. For all those in a hurry, they have tasty sandwiches to take away; in the afternoons, they offer fresh lunches, and in the evenings, different wines to taste and have a BALl.

BAL has prepared a special offer for you: 10% off upon presentation of an identification badge/ticket/pass.

Cheder Cafe
A cafe-club in the very heart of the Kazimierz district. A place exploring Israel’s modern culture and cuisine – hummus, kosher wines, Israeli snacks, coffee brewed in a finjan pot. A place where concerts, workshops, and literary meetings take place. A place with a rich book collection. The official club of the Jewish Culture Festival.

Cheder Cafe has prepared a special festival offer for you –15% off everything with this password: Conrad.

Cosa Nostra
An Italian trattoria located in the Krakow district of Kazimierz, but at the same time, carefully concealed from the hubbub of the city. The magic of this place, nice and polite staff, and delicious cuisine make our guests return here with pleasure. A perfect place for family dinners – we have a play area marked off for the little ones. It is a place where you will have a good time with your friends. We also invite guests to visit our cellar, where we have a smoking zone and LCD television sets, where they may watch live coverage of the most interesting sports events.

Cosa Nostra has prepared a special festival offer for you: 40% off all the menu dishes from 12 p.m. till closing with Conrad Festival passes/tickets/leaflets.

Russian Enso
The culinary master of Russian Enso recommends fusion cuisine dishes, drawing mainly on the Polish and Italian traditions. Original ingredients and recipes, as well as attention to detail make our menu appealing to even the most sophisticated palates. Soft music and nice staff constitute a perfect background for business talks and romantic dates. We kindly invite our guests to the minimalist-style restaurant room, as well as to our cosy garden, open all year round.

Russian Enso has prepared a special festival offer for you: 40% off nearly all of the dishes in the menu, excluding the dishes from the domowo i smacznie (“home-made and tasty”) section; after 5 p.m.: 50% off all the cocktails in the menu with the Conrad Festival passes/tickets/leaflets – between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Restauracja Farina
The Farina Restaurant is located on the corner of the św. Jana and św. Marka streets. This charming and cosy place is situated on the ground floor of a palace-style tenement house, where the historic interiors, old ceilings, and Renaissance columns remind of the fact that for ages, Krakow has not only been the cradle of tradition, but also a cosmopolitan place, open to new trends and ideas.
The base of Farina’s menu are fish, the second element of the restaurant’s logo besides flour. These fresh and natural ingredients, subjected to culinary interpretation filled with temperament and passion, gain unique character thanks to the head chef, Monika Turasiewicz.

We would like to invite all of the Festival Guests for a free aperitif.

Restauracja w Hotelu Conrad
A perfect place for a business lunch, a family dinner or a ceremonial dinner. The restaurant offers Polish, Greek, and European cuisine dishes.
The chefs make sure that the meals are not only tasty, but also healthy and served in a refined manner. Their specials will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

The restaurant at the Conrad Hotel has prepared a special offer between the 21st and the 27th of October – 20% off all dishes and drinks with the password: “Conrad Festival”.

Piri Piri
We kindly invite you to the Piri Piri restaurant in Krakow’s Błonia field. In the centre of the city, you may feast in peace and quiet, in the fresh air, far from the hubbub of the street. A spacious garden, a play area for children, a package of sports channels, and an offer for those who like active leisure – this is just a part of the attractions that make it possible to relax here like in an out-of-town resort.

Piri Piri has prepared a special festival offer for you: 40% off all the dishes in the menu from 12 p.m. till closing with Conrad Festival passes/tickets/leaflets.

The “Pod Norenami” Restaurant
We opened our restaurant in such a significant place as the Krupnicza street, in a special space, between two Krakow theatres, a museum, and a university, among many other restaurants that deservedly enjoy a good reputation, making up the so-called Town Food Court together. We decided to add yet another charming place to this path, connecting the heart of the Old Town with the greenery of the park and the Błonia field. The spacious interiors of the “Pod Norenami” restaurant, combining the rediscovered chic of a 19th-century Krakow house and the tradition of old Japan, directly evoke the legend of Feliks Manggha Jasieński, who brought the culture of the Far East to our city more than a hundred years ago.

Apart from a festival menu, the “Pod Norenami” restaurant has prepared a 10% discount on all the dishes from the regular vegetarian menu upon presentation of a Conrad Festival pass/ticket/leaflet.

The U ZIYADA Restaurant and Cafe at the Castle in Przegorzały
A synonym of good taste and prestige. The place is famous for a tradition of elegant receptions and banquets organised here for two decades now. Apart from Polish and European specialities, the rich menu offer also includes several elements of Kurdish cuisine. The castle is picturesquely located on a steep calcareous hill among the greenery of the Wolski Forest. This is the most attractive viewing area in Krakow, offering a monumental panorama of the Vistula valley and the Tatra Mountains.

During the Festival, when ordering or shopping, just present the Festival’s mobile website, and you will get a 10% discount.

The Via Otta Restaurant
The Via Otta Restaurant is located in the centre of Krakow, near Wawel, in the vicinity of numerous hotels, office complexes, and the Vistula boulevards.
The menu is rich in Italian cuisine dishes: salads, pastas, meat dishes, and desserts – perfect for an afternoon lunch, an evening out with friends or a business meeting. All of the dishes are prepared using fresh, carefully selected ingredients, and the team of chefs makes sure that they are harmoniously combined into delicacies straight from sunny Italia.

Via Otta has prepared a special festival offer for you: 50% off pastas, pizzas, and salads from 12 p.m. till closing with Conrad Festival passes/tickets/leaflets.

The Ziemiańska restaurant
This unique place, inspired by the interwar period, will let you move back in time to the years that impressed with their beauty and elegance.
Wonderful Polish cuisine, drawing on the best standards of the interwar period, ensures an intense gustatory experience. Excellent meats, perfect soups, and light salads await, and all that seasoned in handmade sauces and marinades. Cakes baked in-house and the delicious Head Chef’s chocolate cake will satisfy the tastes of even the most fussy gourmets and complement the meal.

The Ziemiańska Restaurant has prepared a special festival offer for you: 20% off all the dishes in the menu the entire day with Conrad Festival passes/tickets/leaflets.

Zazie Bistro
Zazie Bistro offers French cuisine dishes. On the opening day of the Conrad Festival, i.e. on Monday, the 21st of October, 50 envelopes will be put up on Zazie’s Facebook wall (, and on each of them, there will be an author’s name and a book’s title – whoever comes to Zazie with that book first, takes a photo, and uploads it on Zazie Bistro’s Facebook page, will receive a prize!

Additionally, upon presentation of the festival’s mobile website, you will receive a 20% discount on all the Zazie Bistro menu items




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