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literature and art 2013

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If someone thinks that the Conrad Festival is a paradise for enthusiasts of reading only, they are mistaken. The programme of this year’s edition abounds in attractions from various areas of culture: from film screenings, through concerts and workshops, to exhibitions. When it comes to exhibitions, there are as many as 16. And which is especially pleasing: Krakow libraries got involved in the festival and are organising a number of their own exhibitions.

Expand the program Tuesday, 15 October 2013
Place Podgórska Biblioteka Publiczna, filia nr 22, ul. Gołaśka 13/1
Description Polish masters of children’s books' illustrations

The library exhibition introduces the figures and oeuvre of artists such as: Jan Marcin Szancer, Bohdan Butenko, Zbigniew Rychlicki, and Edward Lutczyn.
Place Podgórska Biblioteka Publiczna, filia nr 16, ul. Teligi 24
Description A different world of illustrations

Authors of works presented at the exhibition include: Bohdan Butenko, Elżbieta Gaudasińska, Zbigniew Rychlicki, Olga Siemaszko, Andrzej Strumiłło, Janusz Stanny, and Jan Marcin Szancer.
Friday, 18 October 2013
Place Nowohucka Biblioteka Publiczna, os. Stalowe 12
Description The Nowa Huta Public Library is organising an exhibition entitled The Magical World of Jan Marcin Szancer’s Illustrations at the Main Library between the 18th and the 30th of October 2013 during the library’s opening hours.
Place New Art Foundation ZNACZY SIĘ, ul. Kościuszki 37
Description A Well Designed Book – let’s start with children

The competition exhibition organised by the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice presents several interesting and innovative designs of children’s books prepared by illustrators who have only recently entered the publishing market.

The exhibition runs from 18th October to 10th November 2013.
Monday, 21 October 2013
Place The Pod Baranami Palace and The Pod Baranami Pracownia, Rynek Główny 27
Description Franz Falckenhouse

Discover intriguing collages by Franz Falckenhouse - designer of the extraordinary poster of this year's edition of the Conrad Festival. Disturbing obvisions emerging, reality collapsing and permanently transformed by the power of imagination, abyss of unconsciousness and surreality captured in a few dimensions simultaneously.

Born in 1975 in Bartoszyce, Poland, and currently residing in Krakow, Franz Falckenhaus studies and graduated with a degree in Information Technology and Computer related Studies. Although he never had any formal training in the arts, Franz always had an interest in photography, film, and collage. His collage works are always composed from selected vintage illustrations and images mixed with found paper materials. He skillfully combines self-made elements such as: backgrounds, shadows, and drawing with cleverly chosen photos to assemble them all together into art. Franz's style obviously shows recognition of his interest and passion with vintage aesthetics. His subject matter contains a sense of humor and a certain nostalgic feel as well. Being a self-taight collage artist, he sees things a little differently.

The exhibition runs from 21st to 27th October 2013.

Place Main Market Square
Description Art instalation: Basis. Autor: Martyna Wolna

The competition’s winning work for the best installation inspired by a book. Formed of books, the installation constitutes the “basis” for an ideological monument of knowledge, culture, and intelligence that everyone builds for themselves. It symbolises a diversity of views: sometimes controversial (contrasting, colourful), sometimes boring (thick books included in the list of required reading), but making up a complete image all in all – of the knowledge acquired from reading books.

The installation is open from 21st to 27th October 2013.
Place The Pod Baranami Palace, Rynek Główny 27
Description Jan Bajtlik Be human, read!

A series of posters that promote reading. The typographic background for the main sign of the letter/animal is a fragment from Jadwiga Kozieradzka’s book Dzieci taty Abecadła. Enoy visiting an exhibition with artist on 25th October at 12.30pm

The exhibition runs from 21st to 27th October 2013.

Place Skład Solny, ul. Na Zjeździe 8
Description mural ORT Poetry storage: Krakow – Reykjavik

Following the TYPOMURAL (2011) and Lem's Mural (2012), literature will visit the facade of the Skład Solny former salt storage at ul. Na Zjeździe 8. The mural will transform the facade of the storage into an unusual library containing excerpts from poems by Polish and Icelandic poets: Ewa Lipska, Adam Zagajewski, Justyna Bargielska, Sjón, Óskar Árni Óskarsson, Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir, and Ingunn Snædal.

Organizers: Instytut Książki, Fundacja Sztuki Nowej ZNACZY SIĘ, Fundacja Miasto Literatury, Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe

The ORT: Poems from Iceland/Poems from Poland project receives funding from the European Economic Area from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as well national funding.
Place Krowoderska Biblioteka Publiczna, ul. Królewska 59
Description Miś Uszatek, Plastuś, Słoń Dominik, and other animated characters in Zbigniew Rychlicki’s illustrations

Between the 21st and the 31st of October, books with Zbigniew Rychlicki’s illustrations will be presented at the Main Library’s Children’s Library on ul. Królewska 59. They will be included in the library’s collection.
Place Galeria Szara Kamienica, Rynek Główny 6
Description Conspirators of the imagination
Selena Kimball, Andrzej Klimowski, Mieczysław Wasilewski

The exhibition will present illustrations for four books by Agnieszka Taborska, writer and expert in surrealism: Selena Kimball’s collages for Senny żywot Leonory de la Cruz (The Dreamy Life of Leonora de la Cruz) and Nieokończone życie Phoebe Hicks (The Unfinished Life of Phoebe Hicks; coming out at the time of the Conrad Festival); Mieczysław Wasilewski's drawings for Wieloryb, czyli przypadek obiektywny (The Whale, or: Objective Coincidence), and Andrzej Klimowski's linocuts for Nie tak jak w raju (Not Like in Paradise).

These artists are well-known creators and professors at important universities and schools in Poland, England, and the United States. Although they work using different media, they have a lot in common: oneiric imagination, the love of black and white, and drawing inspiration from literature. Illustrations for Agnieszka Taborska’s books were created in cooperation with the author.

The exhibition will also present a short animated film by Marcin Giżycki and Josh Backer, produced on the basis of Selena Kimball's collages for The Dreamy Life of Leonora de la Cruz.
Tuesday, 22 October 2013
Place Manggha, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 26
Description Max Ernst. Imagination’s Lover.
Books and graphics

An exhibition of Max Ernst's book illustrations and drawings prepared by Stuttgart’s Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen. It presents 196 drawings that this outstanding artist created for works by: Paul Eluard, Tristan Tzara, Hans Arp, Franz Kafka, Kurt Schwitters, Antoin Artaud, Lewis Carroll, and texts by Andre Breton, leader of the surrealist movement and author of a surrealist manifesto, as well as collage books, such as: Histoire naturelle (1926), La femme 100 tête (1929), and Rêve d’une petite fille qui volt entrer au Carmel.
The exhibition documents Ernst’s works from the surrealist period in particular, but it also includes the period of Dadaism and single drawings from the later period, dominated by cubist and geometric elements.

Curator and the exhibition’s artistic arrangement: Anna Król, the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology
Project coordinator:
Renata Kopyto, the Nuremberg House in Krakow

Exhibition owner: Ifa - Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V., Stuttgart

Exhibition realized thanks to: The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation

Thursday, 24 October 2013
Place Wydawnictwo Literackie, ul. Długa 1
Description We have this in writing! Night manuscript exhibition in Wydawnictwo Literackie

Kronos – without editors’ notes or alterations, right from Witold Gombrowicz’s desk. Make sure to visit the only night exhibition of the manuscript of the most discussed book of the last decade. We have also prepared other surprises. We have this in writing exhibition opens at 8 p.m., tours are possible until midnight.
Friday, 25 October 2013
Place Śródmiejska Biblioteka Publiczna, filia nr 16, al. Pokoju 33
Description Polish book artists – Józef Wilkoń’s inspirations from nature
Place Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Bunkier Sztuki pl. Szczepański 3a
Description Bohdan Butenko
A book is made like a sweater

The exhibition at Bunkier Sztuki, initiating the activity of Mały Instytut Polskiej Ilustracji (Small Institute of Polish Illustration), is an attempt at taking a new look at the works of Bohdan Butenko, one of the best-known and most-awarded Polish graphic artists in the world, representative of the so-called Polish School of Illustration. Next to artists such as: Daniel Mróz, Janusz Stanny, Jan Marcin Szancer, Franciszek Themerson, and Józef Wilkoń, Butenko gained the fully-deserved status of a classic, and his graphic designs aesthetically educate already the third generation of readers, also influencing artistic experiments of the younger generation of illustrators.
The exhibition focuses on the phenomenon of “architecture” of books by Bohdan Butenko – an exceptionally conscious creator, who made printing technique an art. Butenko designs each volume beginning with the cover, and finishing off with details such as the publisher’s imprint – comparing the design process to weaving a sweater, he says with his distinct sense of humour: “You have to knit well, so that it doesn’t fray”. Thanks to his flair for aesthetics and attention to detail, books prepared by Bohdan Butenko become art objects in which all of the bookbinding, typographic, drawing, and photographic elements combine to form a multidimensional artistic narration.

During the exhibition, a meeting with Bohdan Butenko, Ewa Gruda (director of the Museum of Children’s Books in Warsaw), Anita Wincencjusz-Patyna, PhD (art historian specialising in the history and theory of illustration), and Sebastian Frąckiewicz (editor-in-chief of, cartoon critic for Polityka) will take place.
Place Arteteka Wojewódzkiej Biblioteki Publicznej w Krakowie, ul. Rajska 12
Description Nicolas Presl
The Son of His Father

The Son of His Father is both the title of an exhibition presenting original cartoon boards created by Nicolas Presl and the title of the album that is coming out this winter under the imprint of the LOKATOR publishing house, as part of the Melancholy series.
The Le fils de l’ours père (The Son of His Father, LOKATOR 2013) comic book, published in France in 2010, is the artistic and comic-book debut of the author of Fabrica [Factory] and Divine colonie [Divine Colony] – albums already known to Polish readers.
Just like in most of his albums, the author raises the issue of otherness and the lack of acceptance. I often talk about the inconveniences of being a misfit. It is hard for me to accept a situation in which someone is being rejected because they are different. It seems that this is a hackneyed topic, but we are surrounded by people filled with resentment, ready to pass judgment for no reason at all. I feel an overwhelming need to manifest my opposition to this type of thinking and behaviour.
Nicolas Presl comes from France, he was born in Vendee in 1976. And as he says himself: I developed a language similar to myself, it corresponds to my beliefs and expectations. I wanted to create a way of storytelling that would invite the reader to re-read, in order to increase the pleasure derived from reading.
Sunday, 27 October 2013
Place Lokator Bookshop, ul. Mostowa 1
Description PIOtr Kalinski
PIO’s Book of Anxiety




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